The post office where you can’t mail anything.   Leave a comment

I did physically visit the post office where you can’t mail anything and asked – it’s a weird place, so a bit of background. It’s a pretty huge building, looking as I suppose such places look. However, the public has access to one approximately 8×8 (foot) room. The room is entirely white to off-white, no mail slots, no chairs, no tables, no counters, no posters, absolutely nothing in the room of any kind  – only a little piece of paper with their hours on it. The room has two doors leading farther in. One is (I’ve been told) for outside postal inspectors to go in and “observe” what’s happening inside the place. They can neither enter nor leave from any other door, and cannot be seen by the workers inside. The other door is what I’ve heard called a “Mr. Ed door” – you know, top and bottom as separate parts. The door is locked, and solid, save for little peephole for those inside to see out. To the left of the door is a doorbell, a button. You push the button, can hear it ring inside, and after a minute… or more… or more… the top half of the door suddenly opens and there is a post office employee. You tell him your business, and when he’s done with you, the top half of the door closes shut and you are back in the 8×8 room, all off-white, with no posters or signs, except for the small piece of paper that tells you their hours. You then go out of the building, get in your car, and you leave. The post office where you can’t mail anything.


Posted February 5, 2011 by pumpkino in other stuff

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