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I did physically visit the post office where you can’t mail anything and asked – it’s a weird place, so a bit of background. It’s a pretty huge building, looking as I suppose such places look. However, the public has access to one approximately 8×8 (foot) room. The room is entirely white to off-white, no mail slots, no chairs, no tables, no counters, no posters, absolutely nothing in the room of any kind  – only a little piece of paper with their hours on it. The room has two doors leading farther in. One is (I’ve been told) for outside postal inspectors to go in and “observe” what’s happening inside the place. They can neither enter nor leave from any other door, and cannot be seen by the workers inside. The other door is what I’ve heard called a “Mr. Ed door” – you know, top and bottom as separate parts. The door is locked, and solid, save for little peephole for those inside to see out. To the left of the door is a doorbell, a button. You push the button, can hear it ring inside, and after a minute… or more… or more… the top half of the door suddenly opens and there is a post office employee. You tell him your business, and when he’s done with you, the top half of the door closes shut and you are back in the 8×8 room, all off-white, with no posters or signs, except for the small piece of paper that tells you their hours. You then go out of the building, get in your car, and you leave. The post office where you can’t mail anything.

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To no one’s surprise, the Coward Brothers blew through all the money they had made as successful folk music ikons/sex symbols in the 1960’s and 70’s. Henry’s much-touted attempt to become a successful music producer floundered after the abortive attempt to have Blue Oyster Cult cut an ABBA covers lp. His solo album, “Stephen Dedalus On The Half Shell”, was savaged by critics and the song ‘Smells Like Jean Seberg’ was found by many to be offensive. Howard tried his hand at acting, beginning with a role in a Spice Girls flick, but his attempt to play a rapper/mime in an Antonioni adaptation of The Merry Wives of Windsor forever relegated him to b-movie roles and Madonna vanity productions. Similarly, Howard’s attempt to design a line of custom acoustic guitars proved to be a disasterous investment when the quaalude dispensers failed and Yoko Ono threatened a lawsuit over inappropriate use of the Two Virgins album cover likeness. And to top it off, both suffered failed marriages to the same woman and, as the tabloids reported, they were bilked out of their inheritance by Madoff. So, as circumstances necessitated, the duo reunited for a one-off concert to keep all the creditors and ex-wives at bay. Howard was obviously still intimidated by Henry’s large stature, yet the pair delivered a solid set of original tunes, bolstered by a back-up band to prop up any lapses in playing or unconventional harmonies. Things became slightly tense on stage when Howard inquired if Henry was hiding royalties from a song they wrote, but they can still joke about their failed marriages. They reprised their hit, the upbeat Tom Dooley, which, as Henry noted, was unethically stolen from them by a pop group many years ago. Both brothers stepped out for solo spots, in the great tradition of feuding brothers like Karl and Harpo Marx. After years of speculation in the British press, the brothers did indeed reveal their sister, Emmylou, a striking silver-haired beauty who came out to sing a new song called ‘The Scarlet Tide’. Critics agreed that if the sister could overcome her stage fright she might have a bright future as a country singer. Some have speculated that embarassment over her brothers’ public feuds and the well-known “Barbados Foam Frog Incident” have kept her out of the public eye, but the brothers have denied this in a recent interview with Mojo magazine.

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