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Mulletheaded and a mile high, cartooned and clad in a shocking pink jumpsuit, stride spanning an ocean that is now a mere stripe of water, trailing  stylised musical staves that are really a scarf, emptying a bottle of shooting stars behind him, perched high among the dark, star-dusted heavens, below a pinball moon, above a shower of meteors.

He moves confidently from left to right, so confident that he doesn’t bother to watch where his boot may fall: a pearlescent boot massively foreshortening that makes ready to stamp its authority right in front of you among the iridescent skyscrapers and flare-tipped towers of a New World whose neon and electricity shine it like a gleaming hammer. He looks back over his shoulder to where he has been and what he has done. No longer anchored to the past he lifts the sparking heel of his trailing boot from a land now invisible in the distance, darkening across the ocean, and prepares to move forward and conquer.

Two men stand in the middle of an unmarked road, facing each other. Both are dressed in dark grey business attire. They are engaged in a handshake. The man facing to the right is stood completely upright with his right leg slightly forward and his blazer unbuttoned. The man facing to the left is leaning forward, his left foot slightly off the ground, and his blazer buttoned up. He is covered in flames, which are blowing to the right. In the foreground, on the surface of the road, a large drain cover is apparent. Bordering the road, receding into the distance, are two rows of large beige coloured buildings. Another beige building blocks the horizon. The sky is blue with no clouds. The upper right edge of the border of the photograph appears slightly burnt.


Posted January 23, 2011 by pumpkino in other stuff

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